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Muscle Insider Trainer of the Year Challenge

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With the help of EFX Sports, we found the best personal trainer in Canada.

Health and fitness specialists. Strength coaches. Master motivators. Drill sergeants. Call them what you will. These are the people making us squeeze out that one extra rep that we didn’t think we had, or lose those five pounds we didn’t think would come off. Heroes to many, personal trainers are the driving force ensuring we are kept accountable for reaching our fitness goals.

Every year, Muscle Insider goes on a hunt to find the best personal trainer in Canada. This person believes in their clients unconditionally. Their unwavering commitment and selfless efforts to help others are made apparent to us through their countless workout programs, client accolades, and the number of hours in the gym they spend educating and training people.

Sponsored by EFX Sports, we went through hundreds of entries and narrowed it down to ten finalists. Through a competitive six weeks of following the lives of each personal trainer online, we studied how they inspired, educated and trained their clients.

To maximize the performance of their clients, we loaded each of the ten personal trainers with EFX Sports supplements to include in their nutritional plans. Over $7,500 in prizes and swag is awarded at the end of this Trainer of the Year search. The winners also receive a one-year sponsorship with EFX Sports.


This year’s Trainer of the Year award goes to Alexa Georgas! From Barrie, Ontario, Alexa is no stranger to the fitness scene, as she has committed herself to over 20 years in the fitness industry. Coupled with a background in exercise and nutritional planning, she has trained over 3,000 clients, acquired two bodybuilding champion titles, has been nominated four times for the Top Choice Fitness Club Award, and won Barrie’s Favourite Trainer nine times.

Alexa believes that we live in an era when physical perfection has become an almost unhealthy pursuit for most. Her goal is to help clients find the right “fit” for them and consequently find the “love” in living a healthy life. One of her clients described her this way: “… you don’t just train people. You change lives. It’s not all about getting someone fit—anyone can do that. It’s about raising confidence, making people believe in themselves, and loving their bodies.”

Alexa has been running the Alexacise Fitness and Personal Training Studio for the past six years.

Instagram: @Alexacise
Facebook: @Alexacise.Fitness
Website: Alexacise.com


Honourable mentions are extended to Chris Gurunlian from Montreal, Quebec. Having earned his BA in Physical Health and Education at McGill University, Chris is also a professional fitness athlete. He got his International Federation of Bodybuilding professional card in the Men’s Physique division and has since transformed over 500 bodies through his personal training business.

Chris extends himself beyond educating people on how to eat and train properly to reach their personal bests. He arms them with the tools they need to support a continued healthy lifestyle.

Chris runs LudaChris Fitness.

Instagram: @ludachrisifbbpro
Facebook: @LudaChrisFitness
Website: LudaFit.com


Alexa Georgas, Barrie, ON

Chris Gurunlian, Montreal, QC

Reggie Bradshaw, Vancouver, BC

Antonio Fongang, Kitchener, ON

Stephanie Perry, Conception Bay South, NL

Jonathan Ells, Halifax, NS

Ana Plenter, Toronto, ON

Chris Brown, Toronto, ON

Natisha Duffy, Calgary, AB

Cassie Day, Toronto, ON

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