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Muscle Insider Secures muscleinsider.com

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After 8 years, we've FINALLY slashed the dash! Our original web address (muscle-insider.com) has been with us since we first started Muscle Insider back in 2009 as that was the best URL available at the time. But after 8 years of negotiations (and a great deal of begging and pleading) we now own muscleinsider.com which is the best URL we could ever want! So no more hyphens, no more dashes, no more complicated links. Just drop muscleinsider.com and you’re good to grow. Website experts have said this will also take our web traffic to a whole new level since many people have been typing in the wrong web address trying to find us. Most people wouldn't think to add the hypen/dash or separate the "Muscle" from "Insider" when trying to search for our website. Problem solved, we’re now muscleinsider.com


After 8 years, we FINALLY secured the URL muscleinsider.com #nohyphen #nodash

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Our company was founded in November 2009, and it wasn't long before we became Canada's #1 most visited bodybuilding and fitness website with thousands of pages of content from the brightest minds in the industry. We cover over 70 IFBB sanctioned events each year and report on the latest news, gossip, contest results, training, nutriton and supplement research. We also have the largest social media community of any fitness magaine in Canada and run global campaigns with some of the biggest supplement companies in the industry.


"Just as we keep growing as a company, we want to make sure that our online audience continues to grow, and having an 'easier-to-find' URL will play a large role in helping us reach even more consumers. We now have all the tools needed for our expansion in 2018." - Jaime Filer, Editor-in-Chief