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MUSCLE INSIDER Announces 2020 Best Protein Chef Winners

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This past spring, MUSCLE INSIDER and Dymatize Nutrition teamed up to bring you the 2020 Best Protein Chef Challenge. The premise of the competition was to search Canada for the best chefs in the fitness industry who could show you how they create innovative, healthy, irresistible, mouthwatering shakes, snacks, meals, and desserts loaded with protein.

The program was an unbelievable success, finding 10 of the best chefs and then going behind the scenes every day for one month to document their protein creations. Chefs showed the world their delicious recipes by posting them on Instagram and Facebook. The editorial team at Muscle Insider followed their posts every day and reposted their recipes on a dedicated Instagram page to make it easy for fans to get the tasty treats in one spot!

Michelle Ralph-LaRose – 2020 Best Protein Chef Gold Medal Winner

The grand prize winner this year was Michelle Ralph-LaRose! Based on the result of her hard work, incredible recipes, community involvement and the feedback she received from people trying her recipes themselves, she is our overall winner. Michelle’s recipes included so much more than the typical “protein pancake” and smoothie recipes; she took it to the next level and developed recipes that included Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Cheesecake Cheesecake, Protein Unicorn Donuts, Fruity Pebbles Macaroons, Protein Blueberry Cobbler, Strawberry Kiwi Amino Jell-O, and a host of other truly innovative protein creations. When scrolling through Michelle’s social media pages, it is truly impressive how she was able to incorporate protein and amino acids into so many unique recipes! As our Grand Prize Winner, she will receive a prize package from Dymatize and will be part of their Canadian ambassador program! She’ll also be given a one-year editorial contract with Muscle Insider, where she will have her own recipe column hosted on MuscleInsider.com, along with the prestigious award of 2020 Best Protein Chef! Follow her at @michelleralphlarose_ and @cleaneats.treats/

Daniela Defeo – 2020 Best Protein Chef Silver Medal Winner

As this year’s contest was so competitive, we must also give credit to Daniela Defeo, our silver medal winner of this year’s Best Protein Chef. Her creativity really stood out, and the amount of engagement we witnessed from her fans and followers shows that they took notice as well. Some of the recipes that stood out to us were Daniela’s Fruity Pebbles Deviled Eggs, Vanilla Walnut Corn Banana Bread, and Amino Acid Gummies! She will receive a prize package from Dymatize and will be part of their Canadian ambassador program! She’ll also be given a one-year editorial contract with Muscle Insider, where she will have her own recipe column hosted on MuscleInsider.com, along with the prestigious award of 2020 Best Protein Chef Silver Medal Winner. Follow her at @deevitareflections

Torey Hunt – Most Innovative Recipe Winner

The 10 protein chefs posted over 150 delicious recipes, and because they all contained Dymatize supplements, they were also nutritious. All chefs were very creative in how they combined supplements into various dishes, but one recipe stood out above all others on the “innovative” side, and we just couldn’t stop talking about this one! Chef Torey Hunt created the Dymatize ALL9 EAA/BCAA Caviar. Yes, caviar made with amino acids! We’ve never seen a recipe that this award was better suited for. Click here to see this recipe. He will also receive a prize pack from Dymatize. Well done, Torey! Follow him at @toreyh

Kalina Casey – Best Food Styling & Creativity

Finally, we are excited to announce Kalina Casey as the winner of the award for Best Food Styling & Creativity. Kalina did an outstanding job and was a contender for the top spot, but what really separated her from other protein chefs was her ability to not only create delicious recipes but also present them well. Her recipes had us all drooling in our home offices, which made getting through the COVID-19 lockdown not so bad! Just a few of the recipes that demonstrate her creativity and food styling include her Cocoa Pebbles Açai Bowl, Fruity Pebbles Cashew Cheesecake Bites, and Hawaiian Butter Mochi Protein Doughnuts. Follow her at @kalinacaseyfitness/

Congratulations to all this year’s Protein Chef finalists! Every one of these chefs inspired us to be more creative when it comes to protein snacks, treats, and meals. We must also send out an enormous thank-you to our friends at Dymatize for their incredible support and generous contributions to help make this program such a success!

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