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More On-Screen Muscle!

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By Loan Cat

Just about every athlete wants to follow in the footsteps of legendary bodybuilding icon Arnold Schwarzenegger. But for some it’s more than a dream, it’s actually happening! 

Brit Simeon Panda and American Rob Niter are testing the waters of acting to add to their already impressive careers. Both Panda and Niter leaked the information about their upcoming supporting cameos for the movie “Chase,” on their social-media accounts. 

Simeon, a two-time MUSCLE INSIDER cover model, posted: “Yesterday I shot my first fight scene in a movie, I have never sweat so much in clothes in my life! My clothes were drenched from head to toe, certainly kept the makeup artist busy, dapping sweat off my head after each take. My body was in bits after the shoot, woke up with aches everywhere, but I’m good, it was a great experience and I’m ready for more.”

Rob Niter, a former US Air Force Master Sergeant, also posted: “Two ‘BAD DUDES’ ready for war! You can’t miss the scene as Nathan- @robniter breaks up an eye-catching fight between Caleb - @simeonpanda and Sergey! We mean business”.

The movie “Chase”, which began filming in late July, is a thriller by Director and Writer Michael Matteo Rossi (Sable), about a hitman, played by Damien Puckler (Grimm), who must prove himself while his girlfriend wants him to leave the business. The cast includes other actors such as Devanny Pinn, Skye Townsend, and Aries Spears. For the latest updates, find them on social media @chasemoviereal.

*Some Images courtesy of Instagram