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Mighty Mike Quinn Passes Away at Age 61

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Mike Quinn, a.k.a. “Mighty Mike” has died at 61 years old due to an undisclosed long illness. Quinn’s sister confirmed the news in a Facebook post, which was then shared by various media outlets.

It’s unclear what the illness was or how long he had been struggling with it before his passing. Tributes from the bodybuilding community have been shared frequently throughout the past couple of days since his passing.

“It has been reported by my good friend, @johnhansen1_ that Bodybuilding Great & former NPC Mr. USA 1987, Mighty Mike Quinn has passed away. Mike was a top 5 Olympia Finalist in 1988 who later crossed over into the WBF Federation for a couple years. Former training partner of Robby Robinson and Rick Valente, originally from Boston, Mass. The Mighty Quinn was a Gold’s Gym Venice fixture back in the late 80’s and early 90’s. #restinpeace” - Shawn Ray

“Rest In Peace Mighty Mike Quinn who passed away yesterday at 61 years old.” - John Hansen, former Natural Mr. Olympia

“He was one of the most dynamic personalities in the sport and he possessed some of the best arms in bodybuilding. Never one to back down from anyone, his sheer honesty and strong opinions make him a polarizing and super popular pro on the circuit. I’ll miss our interviews and his unique insights into the sport R.I.P.” - Dave Palumbo

“Very sad news. Condolences to his family and friends.” - Lee Priest

“Great Guy RIP he will be forever remembered.” - Kevin Levrone

After starting his amateur career as a Teen Mr. America winner, Quinn won the prestigious NABBA Universe title in 1984, three years before turning pro in the IFBB by winning the 1987 NPC USA championship. He would place as high as sixth at the Olympia in 1988, but he never won a pro show. He raised eyebrows when he joined other pro bodybuilders in joining the World Bodybuilding Federation in 1991. After one year, the WBF folded, and Quinn would eventually find himself back in the IFBB, where he competed occasionally until his final contest in 1999.

Away from the stage, Quinn earned the admiration of a lot of fans thanks to his physique, look, and opinions, which he shared openly and freely. He would grace the cover of several magazines and be prominently featured in many more. In recent years, he had done interviews on various platforms, but he wasn’t as active in the sport as he was during his competitive heyday.

Arrangements for services had yet to be announced at this time. Everyone at Muscle Insider offers condolences to Quinn’s family, friends, and fans.

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