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Midget Wrestler Arrested For Steroid Possession

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Three midget wrestlers were arrested in connection with 342.8 grams of the steroid Winstrol (Sanozolol) after a police K9 dog sniffed marijuana in their hotel room! Police obtained a search warrant after their drug-busting pooch did a “free air sniff,” at the Days Inn on Boxelder Road which is in an area that allows law enforcement officers to deploy their K9 dogs freely in public spaces with the permission of the business owner. The K9’s super sniffer smelt some dirty socks, beat up wrestling boots, a few costumes and some marijuana in one of the rooms rented out to the wrestlers. The tiny but mighty threesome were performing in a micro-wrestling competition held at the Boot Hill Legendary Nightclub & Sports Bar in Gillette, Wyoming. After obtaining a search warrant, officers entered one room and discovered 1.5 grams of marijuana and 342.8 grams of Winstrol which is a Schedule III Controlled Substance.

Officers waited until the wrestling stars were done body slamming and pinning their opponents before confronting the three bruisers. One wrestler claimed ownership of the marijuana and was cited with possession whereas another admitted to sneaking into his stash and smoking it on him, so he was cited with the actual drug use! The oldest of the three wrestlers (a 50-year-old ladies man) allegedly claimed the anabolic steroids and was arrested for felony possession of a controlled substance. The names and stage names of the wrestlers were not publicly disclosed. They were identified only as three men – a 50-year old, a 32-year old and a 22-year old.

SOURCE: County 17 


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