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Michael Thier Big Kentucky Has Passed Away

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By Heather Leblanc

It is with Heavy Hearts that we announce the passing of Michael Thier “Big Kentucky”, a Bodybuilder, a Soldier, a Friend, a Mentor and someone who had a direct impact on so many lives in and out of the Fitness and Bodybuilding Industry. Mike was only 50 years old and he passed this morning surrounded by the people who loved him. Not everyone had a chance to see him or say goodbye so please do so by way of this memorial tribute to a person we adored and loved so much. Mike resided in Fredericton NB with his wife Lynn, who had a son Keeghan, as well as his step-son Tyler. Mike also had numerous extended family and friends who adored and loved him. 

Mike was a veteran from the wars he served in (Bosnia 1996 and 1999, UN Mission Ethiopia) who proudly wore his uniform of the Canadian Armed Forces serving our country. Even in danger, he knew he could be killed but was committed to the men he fought with and the country he was protecting. So much gratitude and respect goes out to our veterans and Mike was no exception. Through this remembrance we offer him our hearts and praise. Through his sacrifices and bravery, there comes a price and shrapnel scars. From this, Mike also suffered from PTSD and his battle went on for many years. Through those struggles, his story and valiant journey led him to also compete in the 2018 Invictus Games in Sydney, Australia. What a memory! What an honor! And who can say that one accomplished this great feat in becoming the best in Canada. Not too many. 

The Canadian Physique Alliance however, will remember Mike in our Sport of Bodybuilding and his accomplishments in 2013 at the Atlantic Classic Championships capturing the Heavyweight title and later on competing at the 2018 Atlantic Classic Championships and special invitee of the 2nd Gladiator Showdown and placing 3rd in the Super Heavyweight Division. He will mostly be remembered as someone who spoke to our audiences on stage to tell his courageous story which we have heard at many New Brunswick Bodybuilding shows. To listen to his stories of bravery, his fight and struggles to stay alive, were memories that will live on in our hearts forever. As much as he was a loyal and committed soldier in the trenches, he was also a loyal and devoted bodybuilder to our sport and contributed to and supported it through bursaries, donations and giving back to the sport in so many ways that were unimaginable. For this we say THANK YOU BIG KENTUCKY.

There was “no can do” with Mike. He developed a series of medical conditions but it never stopped him from doing what he loved. It was all or nothing with Mike and he lived the way HE WANTED TO LIVE & DIED WITH DIGNITY. He will be forever loved and missed by his bodybuilding family, his immediate family members, his friends and confidantes and his LEGACY will inspire all of us to be kind to one another, support anyone in need and to live our lives to the fullest no matter what the cost. Today Mike, we honor your presence in our hearts, your sacrifices made and we will think of you everyday in heaven. We will miss you dearly.

As Mike would say…Until Valhalla…..

Love always and much respect Heather & Ti-Jean

Muscle Insider extends its deepest condolences to Mike's Family and Friends. You will be greatly missed. R.I.P.

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