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Meet Fit Singles Dating App for Athletes

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In today’s digital world, it's increasingly hard for single men and women to make meaningful connections with a potential partner. The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the way we live our daily lives and dating has been the last thing on anyone's mind! We're confident to say that it will be some time until the gym scene returns to normal, and bodybuilding contests will be on hold for a while longer making it hard for people to meet others who share the same passion for fitness. And let's face it, countless hookups have happened in the bar scene but many people dieting down for a contents or photoshoot avoid the clubs to stay on track with their diet and training. And with Covid-19 shutting down the hot spots, who knows what that will look like when the club scene opens back up.  

Athletic singles are finding it nearly impossible to meet other fit singles. Meet Fit Singles is the official dating app for competitors and athletes looks to be the answer to this dilemma. The app officially launched at the 2020 Arnold’s Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio. We can’t think of a better way to find real connections with other fit singles, while still following the current physical distancing mandate.

The company owner Brian Clapp has been in the fitness industry for decades and has seen incredible success in his business ventures. Brian's looking to give back to the fitness community, by developing a platform to help connect like-minded fit people.

Athletes and other single fitness fanatics are not likely to hit the bar scene for dating and other dating apps can offer too broad a range of users to find the ideal connection. Meet Fit Singles is like the fitness equivalent to Tinder. The men and women on this app are HOT so if you're single and looking for your “perfect fit”, be sure to visit the Meet Fit Singles website and follow them on Instagram.

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