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Magnum® Nutraceuticals Announces New Partnership with GNC Canada

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Magnum Nutraceutical supplements are now available in GNC stores throughout Canada. “We’re very pleased to be working together again with GNC, ensuring Magnum product is available to a wide variety of consumers,” says Magnum general manager Matt O’Donnell. “This is a strong partnership that we’re looking forward to building on moving forward.”

This is just another sign of Magnum’s continued growth as a sports nutrition company. As recently as last month, it expanded its offices from 22,000 square feet to now sit on 2.2 acres of land, complete with an on-site gym and a state-of-the-art kitchen.

Headquartered in Surrey, British Columbia, Magnum has grown into an industry leader with supplements available in more than 45 countries. As it continues to expand international distribution, it is unwavering in its commitment to Canada. Magnum opened its doors in January 2005, and CEO Markus Kaulius is devoted to staying true to his Canadian roots by maintaining Magnum’s position as a key market leader in the country. We look forward to seeing where the brand is in 2020 and beyond!


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