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Mac Trucc Undergoes Hernia Surgery

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If you’ve been a subscriber of our Youtube channel, you may remember some of the videos we did in California with Mac Trucc on his road to winning an IFBB pro card.

But if that name still doesn’t sound familiar, you may remember Mac best for his fight with Rich Piana at the 2017 LA FitExpo! Well Mac isn’t competing, fighting anyone or calling people out on youtube, he’s recovering from a serious hernia surgery that would end most bodybuilding careers. Many bodybuilders and powerlifters end up developing a hernia injury or similar abdomen tears due to the hard training and improper breathing they sometimes do while lifting heavy weights. Mac Trucc had went for a long period of time with this injury but didn’t get it fixed until it was too late. He had this to say about the injury:

“I had three of hernia surgeries, two in the groin area and one behind… I was going back and forth to the doctor for 6 months and they couldn’t figure out what the problem was… it happened last November on the Ferrigno stage when I collapsed in the back pump up room. They did laparoscopic surgery. My doctor who is a surgeon knows my job pertains heavy lifting and enhancements, so they chose that type of surgery over traditional open surgery to get me back in the gym in 3-4 weeks.”

We wish Mac a speedy recovery and caution anyone who's suffering from a hernia injury to take it serious, stop training and get it medically treated right away.