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Legendary Trainer George Farah Announces He Has Cancer

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"It's big, it's bad. But I'm baddest... I know I'm going to beat it."

Former IFBB Pro and current Guru on the IFBB Pro circuit George Farah has recently announced that he has Stage 4 colorectal cancer. Although rumors have been swirling for weeks, this is the first time George himself has come out publicly to address it.

From his Instagram:

"Yes I do have a bad cancer but I have beating death before. I can't afford to lose I have many people relying on me and thanks to you my fan/family for help making me the man that I am today. Love you all and I will keep you posted on the good the bad and the ugly so hopefully after I beat that thing I can help many people around the world. Life goes on and I am still helping many great athletes to achieve their dreams to becoming reality. Stay posted. Thank you and God bless.
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*Lead image courtest of Instagram