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Lee Priest Hospitalized

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After a fallout with the IFBB many years ago, Lee Priest has flashed in and out of the industry over and over. We don’t hear much from him, then a video of him talking at a cameraman surfaces. We then don’t hear from him, one day he announces that’s he’s competing in an obscure show. He goes into dormancy, then he releases photos of another tattoo on his body! Despite not setting foot in North America for about 10 years, Lee Priest is still absolutely massive (physically) and still has a large fan following. He recently resurfaced in the bodybuilding industry doing a controversial interview with RxMuscle after he was attacked by Shawn Ray (see video below), endorsing Swole O’ Clock watches, and helping out with a Go Fund Me page to raise money to make a bronze statue of himself! Sadly, the blond myth is now in the hospital. We saw this post on his Instagram page:

Two nights emergency rooms all week night sweats feeling bad. Blood test after test after test finally seems tooth infection caused endocarditis. Was meant to travel to Brazil tomorrow for expo on 20th but looks like plane travel out with heart infection never been so sick. They admitting me to hospital now.

We wish Lee a speedy recovery as he fights through this.




Photo Courtesy © Insagram