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Larry Wheels In Recovery Following Rhabdomyolysis Diagnosis

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By Roger “Rock” Lockridge

On July 25, 2023, renowned strength athlete, bodybuillder, and social media influencer Larry “Wheels’ Williams posted a photo of himself in a hospital bed, revealing in the caption that he was diagnosed with Rhabdomylosis, a condition in which the muscles release its proteins and electrolytes into the bloodstream. This can result in damage to the heart and kidneys, resulting in more serious conditions, and possibly even death.


A post shared by Larry (@larrywheels)



“I fked around and got Rhabdo. Light headed af.”


Wheels is believed to make a full recovery, but his actual condition as of this writing is unknown. He’s been dealing with a lot both professionally and personally within the last few weeks, including the death of his close friend and fellow fitness influencer, Jo Lindner, and being involved in a car accident. He’s also been working on the release of his own supplement line and training for a possible return to the stage as a Classic Bodybuilding athlete. The cause of Wheel’s condition wasn’t officially shared, and only Wheels can share that information since his doctors legally aren’t allowed to share his medical information to the public.

According to the Canadian Medical Association Journal, Rhabdomyolysis (also known as “rhabdo) can be caused by a variety of factors including, but not limited to, trauma, crash syndrome, hyperthermia, and other health disorders or infections, includind dehydration.1 It’s also common in the fitness world. Multiple athletes in a variety of strength disciplines and sports have suffered this condition as a result of extreme training with minimum rest and recovery in between sessions. Treatments include receiving electrolytes and fluids through an IV, physical therapy, and dialysis if there are kidney issues. Full recovery from rhabdomyolysis can take up to a few weeks if there are no long-lasting complications.2 The best-known method for recovery is actual rest without any strenuous activity.

Rhabdo can’t be prevented in all cases such as from a car accident, but there are things you can do to minimize the chances of you suffering from it or putting yourself in the best position to recover from it. Among those are listening to your body and committing time to rest and recovery from training, always staying hydrated, and talking to your doctor about any medications you’re taking that may increase your risk.

If you feel you’re at risk of rhabdomyolysis or if you’ve been involved in an accident in recent weeks, speak to your doctor about what you can do personally to maintain proper health going forward.

Everyone at Muscle Insider wishes Wheels a full and speedy recovery.


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