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Larry Wheels Accused Of Abuse By Ex-Girlfriend

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It seems that a pandora’s box has been opened and all the unsettling behaviour of some high profile industry influencers is pouring out. More accusations are coming to light against another industry celebrity. Larry “Wheels” Williams joins Shawn Rhoden and Jeremy Buendia in those being accused of some heinous behaviour towards women.

It’s unclear if there are charges pending toward Larry but with accusations ranging from being punched in the face to flat out lying to the police, Chilasa King, Larry’s ex-girlfriend,goes on record withsome chilling evidence of his actions. 

Chilasa took to Youtube and posted a detailed video where she told us her relationship of 5 years with Williams ended due to her being both mentally and physically abused. Check out the video below for Chilasa’s compelling description of her 5 year experience with Larry Wheels. 


*Image Courtesy Of Facebook

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