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Kris Gethin Leaves Kaged Brand

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By Roger “Rock” Lockridge

News dropped on March 20, 2023 that made headlines throughout the supplement industry. Kaged brand co-founder Kris Gethin announced that he was parting ways with the company he helped create in 2014. Gethin shared the news in a post on his personal verified Instagram account.


A post shared by Kris Gethin (@krisgethin)

The three-image post included his statement, with his first slide cutting right to the chase.

“I am leaving Kaged.”

Gethin went on to share that he was moving on to the next chapter of his life because his business partners and brand now have views that aren’t in alignment with his own.

The native of Wales made a name for himself as a natural bodybuilder and trainer before starting Kaged Musclemagazine in 2006. He also worked as a photographer. He would use that name on his BodySpace account when he became the Editor-in-Chief of Bodybuilding.com, a position he held for several years under the leadership of founder Ryan DeLuca. He also wrote a book for Bodybuilding.com during that time.

Gethin would eventually resign from his Editor-in-Chief duties in early 2011. He was replaced by renowned author and editor Jeff O’Connell. Gethin went on to work as a celebrity trainer in India and start working on his personal brand. He would create Gethin Gyms, write two other books, and eventually start the creation of the supplement brand he would name after the magazine, Kaged Muscle. He also created multiple transformation programs that documented his own progress from start to finish.

Gethin had partners working with him as co-founders, but he served as the CEO from the beginning in 2014 until 2020. Gethin wasn’t responsible for formulations or quality assurance, but he did play a major role in content and took pride in testing ingredients out on himself. During his time as CEO, the brand worked with multiple pro bodybuilders, including coach Neil Hill, two-time Arnold Classic champion Branch Warren and IFBB Pro Fouad Abiad. Hill is currently working with Yamamoto Nutrition, Warren would move on to Apollon Nutrition while Abiad would begin his own company – Hosstile.

In 2021, the company changed their name to simply Kaged as well as the design of their brand logo as and supplement labels. They also placed extra emphasis on their apparel. In the statement announcing the change, the company said that the brand dropped Muscle because “there is more to life than muscle.”

As for what is next for Gethin, he still serves as host of the Kris Gethin Podcast and maintains his role within Gethin Gyms. He didn’t give details about his future but indicated that there are plans in place, which he would announce soon.

“Paths in life change, and I am moving on to a much higher, positive, and brighter future in which you will hear about soon.”

As of this writing, Kaged hadn’t shared an official statement regarding Gethin’s departure or who would take his place as CEO. Muscle Insider will share more on this story as it develops.

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