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Kevin Levrone Plans To Break The Raw Bench Press World Record

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Kevin Levrone continues to shock the bodybuilding world and show us what his body can do even in his fifties! If competing at the 2016 Olympia at age 52 wasn’t enough or doing the Arnold Australia at 53 years of age, the latest news is that Levrone will be attempting to break the raw bench press world record! In the powerlifting world, you have those who compete with support gear like bench press suits, slingshots and other training accessories or you compete raw, without any support gear. Special bench press shirts made from Kevlar, denim and other strong but flexible materials are all aimed at supporting the upper body, preventing injury and helping someone lift heavier weights. Of course, all of this "support gear" makes the weight much lighter and easier to lift. This is why you now see 1,000 pound “bench presses” and other outrageous numbers on the bench. You then have the “raw” camp who prefer to compete with nothing but a t-shirt, gym chalk, a pair of gym shorts and all the power their body can generate! Unsupported raw powerlifting is just pure human strength that’s moving the weight which is (in our opinion) the only legitimate way to set a bench press, squat or deadlift record. So Kevin Levrone is looking to break the raw bench press world record. Here’s what Levrone had to say: 

“For the next four weeks you guys can follow me on this journey.  My goal is to try to set the bench press world record (raw). Right now it's set at 5:15 lbs. raw. I'm gonna try to break that record.”



We applaud Kevin Levrone on this one as he’s always been strong AF and this gives him a new goal to shoot for. We also think he’ll be inspiring new fans in the powerlifting world who might not have followed Levrone’s bodybuilding career.