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Kevin Levrone Drops Out of Vancouver Pro

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Kevin Levrone Drops Out of Vancouver Pro 2017

By: Marty Ogilvie

Early May 15, IFBB Legend Kevin Levrone posted the following on The Official Kevin Levrone Facebook Page:

"Dream until your dreams come true. I've been so very blessed to have a great career. Thanks to all of you who has supported my 14 year layoff / comeback. Next time you see me on stage you won't be disappointed, my promised to fans and myself. FYI I will not be competing at Vancouver, but it will be this summer just haven't decided what show yet. Making sure I'm 100% this time. ✌️SHAAABOOM"

Seems like Kevin feels he will not be 100% ready for the July 8th Vancouver Pro show but let's hope the Maryland Muscle Machine is back on an IFBB stage soon enough.