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Kevin Levrone Already Planning Comeback for 2017

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Kevin “The Maryland Muscle Machine” had put in a tremendous amount of effort during the big show 2016 Mr Olympia, and for his very short prep leading up to it. His comeback took centerstage as the story of the year, and despite placing near the bottom of the pack, his story eclipsed Phil Heath's victory. The bodybuilding veteran may not have had his greatest showing, but this would merely be the first step in his comeback - as reported by

Recently Kevin Levrone confirmed he will continue training and compete in 2017.



Like the real champion, he saw what improvements needed to be made to contend with the other top bodybuilders in the world, and is taking care of them every day.

Levrone had the following to say on Instagram about his return to the stage in 2017:

Many of you have been asking and wondering if I'll be competing this year. 
My goal for my next competition, is to step on stage looking like my picture. 
My team and I have been working incredibly hard, each and every day, to constantly improve while maintaining my health, both physically, as well as mentally. 
Here's my promise to my fans: You'll be the first to know all my plans, as I get closer to achieving my goals. 
Looking forward to getting back to Full Blown, and as always, I deeply appreciate your love and support.