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Kai Greene Drops New Podcast

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Kai Greene took to Instagram a few days ago to let his fans know about his new podcast “Getting It Done!” 

World renowned bodybuilder and fitness legend Kai Greene, aka Mr. Getting It Done, sits down to share secrets on mindset, health and fitness, and achieving personal goals like he has never done before. Listen in while Kai explores what it takes to be the best in all areas of life and how his mantra “thoughts becomes things” supports greatness. Kai wants you to wake up every day inspired and ready to conquer your dreams. There’s a lot of work to do and Kai is here to make sure we are all getting it done. Plus look forward to fitness tricks and tips, cutting edge wellness talk and authentic conversations with inspiring celebrities, experts and friends to support your ultimate greatness.  Be sure to subscribe to this podcast so you can get notified of new shows as they come out.  There's a lot of work to do, and Kai is here to make sure we are GETTING IT DONE! Check it out and subscribe at this link:



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