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John Meadows Suffers A Heart Attack: UPDATE

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John Meadows' wife Mary has been updating the bodybuilding community on how John's been doing since suffering from a heart attack earlier. It was found that John had two blood clots which had caused all the problems. One of the clots was dissolved with the use of blood thinners and the other will hopefully dissolve on its own. The doctors decided to not go in with a catheter as things have been going well and his condition has improved. John's also in less pain which is a very good sign. According to his wife Mary:

"They are running alot of different tests on him tomorrow to see if they can get a better idea of where the clot started. These are many of same tests they ran in 2005. So no surgery, no stints and hopefully full recovery."

We're beyond pleased to hear John's doing well and have to thank Mary Meadows and his thousands of fans for keeping us all up to date on how John's doing. We wish John all the best and a speedy recovery.

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