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Iris Kyle and Hidetada Yamagishi Opening New Gym In Las Vegas

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It was only a short time ago, that we shared the news of Flex Lewis will be opening a new Dragon’s Lair gym in Las Vegas, after selling his original location. The latest buzz in the world of bodybuilding came yesterday with the announcement from Iris Kyle and Hidetada Yamagishi, that they both have ownership in a new gym that will be opening in Las Vegas in the upcoming months. “Friends, Fans and Fitness Enthusiasts.” Iris Kyle continues, “I am thrilled to announce that Hidetada Yamagishi and myself have ownership in a new gym that will be opening in Las Vegas in the upcoming months. The gym will feature top of the line equipment and focus on trainers and members. We want our members to experience positive results and fantastic workouts at a reasonable price. The equipment is on the way and the renovations have started. Stay tuned.”

As if this news is not exciting enough, but the one and only Milos Sarcev even took to social media to congratulate the couple, as well as make a comment that he is looking forward to training there. We have no doubt that the new Powerhouse Gym Las Vegas will play host to many icons and legends of the bodybuilding industry.

Muscle Insider and our fans have enjoyed watching these swole-mates train together and for the inspiration they provide us as one of bodybuilding’s true power couple. We can’t help but reminisce to a few years ago when we caught up with the two of them in their Bodi Café, at the City Athletic Club in Las Vegas. We later got an insider look at the intensity of their training session. These two really do push each other in the gym, to get the best results possible.

We wish these two nothing but great success in their new venture and look forward to the day we can pay them a visit to get in a solid lift.

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