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Iran’s Hadi Choopan to Compete in Vancouver Pro 2018

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Banned from States, Iran’s Hadi Choopan to Compete in Vancouver Pro

By: Loan Cat & The Editors

Vancouver bodybuilding fans will get to see something even Olympia fans won’t: Iranian bodybuilder Hadi Choopan, the only man capable of knocking five-time Olympia 212 champion Flex Lewis from his throne, live in competition. That’s because U.S. President Donald Trump’s ban on travelers from seven countries, including Iran, will prevent The Persian Wolf from entering American waters. While that’s too bad for the sport, Canadian fans will get the rare opportunity to see Choopan in person at this weekend’s Vancouver Pro.

Considered Lewis’s biggest potential rival – their last meeting at the 2017 Asia Grand Prix ended in controversy – Choopan earlier this year missed the Arnold Classic 212 because of the same visa issues. The U.S. Supreme Court ruling will also affect other Iranian competitors, including Iranian 212 competitor Jafar Ghafarnejad, and Iranian-born Men’s Physique and Classic Physique competitor Ali Shams Ghamar. Athletes from six other targeted countries could also be banned from the Las Vegas-based Olympia.

Sadly athletes like Choopan are collateral damage from broad-ranging policies, but MUSCLE INSIDER highly suggests seeing the Vancouver Pro to see this incredible physique in person! And hopefully a Lewis-Choopan match-up can happen off U.S. soil.

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