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Iain Valliere Clarifies Controversial TRT Comments

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By Roger “Rock” Lockridge

IFBB Pro League bodybuilder and 2022 Vancouver Pro champion Iain Valliere is known for more than his physique – he's also known for his opinions, and they sometimes lead to controversy. One such occasion came up while answering questions on his Instagram story.

Someone filled the question box by asking if Valliere felt that most men need testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) as they age. Valliere said he did not.

As you can see in the image, Valliere referred to hormonal decline as a natural process and happens for a reason.

“You aren’t supposed to feel 25 at 65,”

Valliere wrote, which sparked many reactions online. Even though Valliere was answering regarding “most men” as the questioner asked, his answer would be spun by some members of the bodyubuilding community into him being accused of saying that all men in general should avoid it. Generation Iron wrote an article on the comment, and Valliere responded in a comment on one of their posts promoting the article.

“Let’s get something clear here. I never said don’t do TRT, or TRT is bad, or that I wouldn’t do TRT. Literally never once. What I did say is that hormonal decline is a natural process and that there’s a difference in wanting to feel as good as possible for as long as possible, and wanting to live as long as possible, and those don’t always align.”

As has been the case with most of Valliere’s opinions and statements, his comment was met with mixed reactions. Some fans agreed while others thought it was hypocritical of a professional bodybuilder to make comments like that. Valliere responded to another commenter who spoke in favor of the practice that TRT “is not healthier, it makes you feel better. Higher levels do not lead to higher levels of longevity.”

TRT has become a hot button topic in bodybuilding and strength sports in general because so many athletes are using it as a way to improve male wellness after anabolic steroid use. Men in a variety of age ranges have spoken in favor of TRT in recent years. Other well-known fitness personalities that have spoken positively about TRT include Larry Wheels, Craig Golias (who also commented on the post) and even four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler.

The conversation is sure to continue regarding TRT use with people on both sides of the fence. There could very well be more research to come out in the future that can help men make better informed decisions in the years to come.

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