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Iain Valliere and Blessing Awodibu Spark Rivalry

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Looks like a rivalry is developing between Olympia competitor Iain Valliere and virtual newcomer Blessing Awodibu. It all started when Iain commented on Blessing’s quad sweep or lack thereof. Blessing did not hold back! 


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With some more exchanges going back and forth and other pros chiming in to defend either one of them, Blessing will have a chance to prove himself at his pro debut in the Indy Pro. 

Blessing has become an online sensation our recent years with his popularity increasing with every post. His shenanigans has made him an online showstopper, but will competing put a hard stop to his popularity. It all depends on how well he does on stage. That said, Blessing has great potential with a very competitive physique. But it’s the very topic that started this feud between Iain and Blessing that many consider his weak point…Blessing’s legs! 

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