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Hadi Choopan To Finally Compete On North American Soil

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By Domenic Mauro

As of late June 2018, a U.S. Supreme Court 5-to-4 ruling reinforced President Trump's travel ban on several, mostly Muslim, countries. This prevents Hadi Choopan and other competitors like him from competing in the United States in any bodybuilding competitions, including the Olympia even if they are qualified to compete.

As a result, and a few failed attempts to legally cross the border into Canada, Hadi has yet to compete in North America. As mentioned in a previous article, he was all ready to go for the 2019 Toronto Pro Supershow. As it turned out, Hadi didn’t aquire his visa on time preventing him from making the trip to Toronto. This may have also been the case for the 2018 Vancouver Pro where Hadi was slated to compete but did not show.

The good news is, it looks like everything is in order and history will be made as Choopan has safely made the trip to Canada’s west coast to compete at the Vancouver Pro Show. Vancouver bodybuilding fans will get to see something even Olympia fans have been denied, the rare opportunity for Choopan to compete on North American soil.

According to the initial competitor list, Hadi was going to compete in the 212 division, but a more updated list has him competing in the Open Men’s Bodybuilding division. Hadi will have his hands full here with Iain Valliere and last year's winner Lukas Osladil. Choopan will also be facing some stiff competition from a last minute entry. Although he is nowhere to be seen on the competitors’ list as of yet, rumour has it, Nathan De Asha is making the trip across the pond and throwing his hat in the ring. It’ll be an epic battle, but we’ll soon see as the dust settles this coming weekend at the Vancouver Pro/Am & Expo who comes out on top: “The Juggernaut” Iain Valliere, “The Prophecy” Nathan De Asha or Hadi “The Persian Wolf” Choopan?

All this being said, on behalf of all Hadi fans and our Muscle Insider staff, we welcome Hadi Choopan to Canada.

*Images courtesy of Instagram


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