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Hadi Choopan Competes On North American Soil

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By Domenic Mauro

Aside from being from Iran, to our knowledge, Hadi hasn’t done anything wrong to deserve not being granted a visa to compete in the U.S. While the U.S. gets its shit together on restrictions for Iranian nationals to be able to travel to the U.S., Canada will welcome Hadi with open arms and look forward to seeing him compete in Toronto at the Toronto Pro SuperShow. Dubbed the “Persian Wolf,” Hadi has yet to compete on North American soil, which undoubtedly has kept him from competing at the Olympia.

One of the few people that could give Flex Lewis a true challenge, Hadi brings to the stage a full, muscular physique with near-unmatched conditioning. From a judging perspective, it’s hard to find any weaknesses in his physique. Not one aspect of his physique overtakes another. He is definitely the favourite going into this weekend.

Under the watchful eye of coach Hany Rambod, who, as we know, has coached several Olympia champions, the 212 contender will not disappoint. We look forward to seeing a next-to-flawless physique hit the stage.

On behalf of all Hadi fans and our Muscle Insider staff, we welcome Hadi “The Persian Wolf” Choopan to Canada.

*Images courtesy of Instagram.


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