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Greg Kovacs Dead

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Greg Kovacs Dead

We've just had reports that Greg Kovacs has died from a heart attack he suffered. Details are sketchy at this time, but as we find out more we will update this post. Our thoughts are with Greg's family, friends and fans during this time. Greg Kovacs was just 44 years of age. What follows is a statement by Greg's sister Kristina Kovacs Finbow:

"Dear friends of Gregory....those who knew and loved him. I have decided to make this post to represent our family. I am his older sister. We thank you for the outpouring of kindness love and respect at this very difficult and sad time. Please remember him for his greatness, though he passed too soon, he accomplished what possibly no human that walks the earth could and he lived his dream. Not many people are able to realize their dreams and possibilities nor set a bar so high for themselves. And not only reach it jump over it with room to spare. He was inspirational, a wonderful brother and a good son. What I will miss most is his humour and his laughter. When Gregory laughed it was a joyous thing to receive. From the moment he was born I lived to make him laugh so I could hear it. Anyone who knew him would feel this as well. He was generous, intelligent and absolutely beautiful. Only the good die young. Thank you all" -Kristina Kovacs Finbow

"I am very sad to hear that my old friend and former training partner Greg Kovacs has passed away of heart failure! We were very close in our early days on our journey to become professional bodybuilders. We shared many laughs and many, many, many, meals together (he ate more protein than any human I've ever known) LOL. I remember being sore from head to toe just trying to hang with him and lift a fraction of the weight that he was capable of. I always joked with him over the "1 carat diamond flawless versus the 2 carat diamond in the rough theory" LOL. Anyway, Greg was very passionate about sport bodybuilding and had many friends and fans throughout the course of his career. He will truly be missed!!!! R.I.P" -Canadian IFBB Pro Art Dilkes

Below is a photo of Greg Kovacs and Dorian Yates at the MUSCLE INSIDER booth in 2010. He will indeed be missed.