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Franco Columbu Signs With Iso-Sport

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At 77 years old, Franco Columbu is still one of the most sought after men in the world of fitness. Columbu recently joined the management team at Iso-Sport, and will focus on the business development of Iso-Sport brand and raise further awareness of the Company’s health and wellness of CBD products for athletes around the world.

With Columbu’s background as a Chiropractor, 2X Mr. Olympia, Mr. Universe, and a consultant to the Arnold Sports Festival, the two organizations seem to be a great fit.

Iso-Sport believes it has firmly positioned itself as a true leader and a driving force in integrating sports products with CBD. Iso-Sport has recently partnered with Powerhouse Gym worldwide. The agreement marks one of the first times that CBD-based products are made available through a global fitness center chain.  

It’s believed that CBD products can reduce inflammation in an athlete. It’s unclear if the timing of the product’s use makes a difference. But that’s where Iso-Sport took it a step further. Iso-Sport also partnered with ALTIS, to develop innovative CBD sports products for elite athletes while investigating the impact of these products on overall health and performance. That partnership is called the Iso-Sport Living Lab.

Columbu’s legacy, and legitimacy as a Chiropractor puts him as an obvious candidate to move forward with an organization such as Iso-Sport. 

We wish them both congratulations and good luck moving forward. We are excited to see what they bring to the industry in the future.