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Fouad Abiad May Be Retiring

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First off, I'd like to start by saying Thank you...to Fouad "Hoss" Abiad. Thank you inspiring countless Canadian Bodybuilders since the moment you stepped on stage. Thank you for forging the way for many young Canadian bodybuilders in their pursuit to earning the coveted Pro Card. Thank you for giving Canadian bodybuilding fans even more reason to cheer for Canada over the years. Hoss…You're a legend!

In an emotional post on Instagram, Fouad delivered some disappointing news to his fans that included the strong possibility he may be retiring. It began with telling us he would not be competing at the Chicago Pro due to health concerns.

With just a couple of weeks away from stepping on stage, Fouad’s medical team had strongly suggested he not compete. As many pro athletes at times have to do, he was faced with the difficult decision of whether to compete or not. We applaud the courage it took to walk away and possibly complete at a better time; yet again setting a great example to follow.

Knowing Fouad, no matter what he decides to do, he will take it by the horns and continue to pave the way.

*Images courtesy of Instagram

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