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Former Ms. Olympia Erin Stern Defects from NSL

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Two-time Olympia winner Erin Stern has recently announced that she's defecting from Lee Thompson's NSL league. 



Erin racked up quite the impressive resume with the IFBB, including two Olympia wins, an Arnold win, and elevn first-place finishes in a pro career that only spanned four years. We're usnure whether Stern leaving the NSL means she'll go back to the IFBB. Only time will tell, but as the saying goes, "Once an athlete, always an athlete." Erin was once a competitive track athlete, and then transitioned into competing; so something tells us the competitive drive isn't completely gone just yet. We'll see where the future takes this star!

From her Facebook page:

I have decided to leave the NSL, or NSpire Sports League. I would like to focus more on my own content creation and truly helping people achieve their fitness goals – whether it’s on stage or in everyday life.
I appreciate that the NSL has given competitors another platform, and is trying to promote a positive message. But, I am happier when I don’t feel the need to choose sides. I love the fitness industry, and I will continue to try to contribute positively to it!
Thanks, and train hard, y’all!!

Toney Freeman was the most recent pro to also defect from the NSL in favor of going back to the IFBB. Check out the story here!