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Flex Lewis Will Not Compete In The 2021 Mr. Olympia

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By Roger Lockridge

“The Welsh Dragon” will miss his third Olympia in a row.

The 2021 Mr. Olympia has been looking like it could be one of the most competitive contests in recent memory. Unfortunately, one of the most popular men in the sport will not be involved as an athlete in this year’s festivities.

On the evening of July 8th, seven-time Mr. Olympia 212 winner Flex Lewis shared a video on YouTube informing bodybuilding fans that he will not be a part of the 2021 Mr. Olympia contest, scheduled to take place in Orlando, Florida the weekend of October 7th through 10th. Lewis shared the video to address rumors that his exit had to do with his coach Neil Hill not being in the US to help him.

“I have trained three quarters of my life with Neil being in the U.K. He’d come in two weeks before the show,” Lewis said in the video. “So that rumor right there has to be f****** canceled.”

Lewis went on to say that the real reason for not competing this season is that he and his wife, Ali, are trying to have another baby. It would be their second child together.

“I want my family to grow. My wife and myself have been working for the last couple of months on trying to add to that part of the family. Not that it’s anybody’s business, but now I feel the need to tell everybody because this false information has been put out there.”

This will make the third straight year that Lewis will not be onstage on bodybuilding’s biggest weekend. He retired from the 212 division after winning his seventh straight Olympia in 2018. He took the 2019 season off to make progress and prepare for future competitions in the Open division. 

The Olympia promoters extended a special invite to Lewis so he could compete in the 2020 contest. He would’ve had to win a show or qualify on points otherwise since his Olympia victories were not in the Open. Lewis accepted, but would later withdraw due to shoulder injuries. He then decided to receive stem cell treatments for his shoulders, elbows, and knees, which he reported helped him feel great recently. His only other health issue that he revealed was that he did have to recover from the COVID-19 coronavirus. That is also now behind him.

Away from the stage, his family had also relocated from Florida to Las Vegas, Nevada where he opened his “Dragon’s Lair” gym. He has also focused on other business ventures during his time away from the stage. 

Lewis concluded the video by stating that he was not retiring, and that he has every intention of competing at the Mr. Olympia before his career is over. 

“God willing and injury free, I will be on that Olympia stage next year.”

If he is to do so, he will either have to receive another special invite, win a show, or qualify on points. The 37 year old has plenty of time to make it happen before calling it a career.

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