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Flex Lewis Sells Gym and Moves to Las Vegas

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Somewhat hidden in Boca Raton, FL, it was 2015 that Flex Lewis first walked in the doors of the then empty 9,000 square foot building. Over the years, The Dragon’s Lair has evolved a few times before it became what it is today. The “Home of Champions” is a private gym and training facility, not open to the public. When you gaze upon this multi-level facility, you will see a gym that most bodybuilders would dream to train in. Unfortunately for most, only a select few are invited to train here.

After 8 years in Florida, Flex made the move across the country to his new home in Las Vegas. It was recently reported by Dave Palumbo and John Romano on Heavy Muscle Radio, that Flex Lewis had sold his Dragon’s Lair gym. While there are very few details about this deal, we now see Flex has shared the news of a new Dragon’s Lair in Las Vegas will be opening later this year!


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The original Dragon’s Lair hosted a collection of custom Arsenal Strength equipment along with a series of wall murals hand-painted by talented artist Matty Bro. One of the most striking murals was a life-sized rendering of the late Dallas McCarver. The gym played host to numerous celebrities from the bodybuilding community, all making the journey just to travel in the modern-day mecca.

Flex is a partner in Arsenal Strength and The Dragon’s Lair was much like a working showroom for the impressive equipment, which was hand-selected by Lewis. We can only imagine what the newest evolution of The Dragon’s Lair will look like when it opens in Las Vegas later this year. Expect to see even more bodybuilding celebrities making special visits to the new gym when it opens.

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