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Flex Lewis Retires

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Bodybuilding legend James "Flex" Lewis has announced that he will no longer be competing in bodybuilding competitions. Seven-time 212 Mr. Olympia winner has an enormous fan following who were excited to see him step back on the stage in the open class at the 2022 Olympia. Flex needs to give no apologies for this although we would've loved to see him back on stage to see how he would do in the open class. In 2014 Flex became the first winner of the 212 class at the Arnold Classic. In 2011, he placed third in the IFBB Mr. Europe Pro Open Men's Bodybuilding. Flex holds the record of holding the most 212 class wins at the Mr. Olympia with 7 consecutive total wins and winning every 212 competition he entered since 2012. He now retires as an undefeated Olympia champion.

Flex and his wife have started a family over the last few years and he relocated to Las Vegas where he runs the Dragon’s Layer gym and also has a very lucrative sponsorship deal with Italy's Yamamoto Nutrition. As we uncover more news on this story we will update his post but for now we wish Flex all the success in his retirement and we're pretty sure that he will still be intimately involved in the bodybuilding industry we all love.

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