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FitPro Real Milk Protein Now Available From Karma Nutritionals

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Canadian based Karma Nutritionals, a distributor of premium sport and health products from across Canada and around the world has now made avaible another quality product; FitPro Real Milk Protein.

Whether you’re a high performance athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or just a normal person on-the-go, FitPro has an all-natural protein solution for you. Made from REAL®, hormone-free milk fresh from American farms, FitPro’s revolutionary formula provides highly absorbable protein to hungry muscles, aiding recovery and keeping you full between meals. Low in carbs and fat, FitPro’s lactose-free, gluten-free formula is your convenient new protein source for a healthy lifestyle.

FitPro Real Milk Protein offers a couple of options to fit your protein requirements: 

FitPro Plus

FitPro Plus is loaded with 40 grams of REAL® liquid milk protein to feed hungry muscles and keep you performing at your best. Whether it’s a new personal record in the gym, an extra mile on the trail, or a game winning shot on the court, you’re constantly pushing your body to perform. FitPro Plus is formulated to give you the essential protein that you need to build a stronger more athletic physique.

FitPro Daily

FitPro Daily is formulated for life on the go. Between business meetings, soccer practice with the kids, travel, and workouts, you’re always on the move and making things happen. Maintaining sufficient healthy protein intake with such a busy schedule can be tough, but it just got easier. FitPro Daily offers 26 grams of REAL® liquid milk protein, feeding hungry muscles and keeping you satisfied in between meals, no matter where life takes you.

Karma Nutritionals is the Canadian distributor of premium sports products and supplements.

For further information please contact:
Jennifer Walker, CEO Karma Nutritionals