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Family Announces Dave Kimmerle's Passing

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David Kimmerle (1977-2019)


It’s with great sadness Muscle Insider announces the death of fitness model David Kimmerle on Tuesday, Feb. 5. The popular fitness model, who appeared on a Muscle & Fitness cover 10 years ago and had six films to his credit, was living in Los Angeles. Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, the cause of death is still unknown.

His family posted this message on his Facebook page:

“The family of David Kimmerle would like to thank all of you for your love and concern. David passed away on February 5th. We don’t know all of the details at this point in time, but we do know that it was not intentional. Toxicology reports will reveal more. 

To put to rest some of the rumors circulating: David had lots of friends and family reaching out to him, but in Dave’s own words, “I think sometimes with an audience, really getting to know personal truths is more difficult, so because I set out with sincerity in my heart to find out these things in my life, I could not take anyone with me.”

The L.A. County Coroner's Office said Kemmerle, 41, was found at a crosswalk but no further details were reported.

Our deepest condolences to Dave’s family and friends during this difficult time.