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Eren Legend Signs With Allmax Nutrition

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Eren Legend joins Allmax Nutrition as their newest athlete. Eren is an excellent addition as he is the poster boy for Canada athletes. Having him paired up with a company with such strong Canadian roots is a perfect fit. Team Allmax maintains a team of incredible athletes and provides them with top-quality nutritional supplements to give their athletes the edge they need to compete at their best. Eren most known for being a natural bodybuilder competes in Men’s Physique. He won his IFBB Pro Card in 2014, when he won the Mr. World Physique Championship. 

Eren went on to win his very first pro show in 2015 at the IFBB Vancouver Pro, earning his place on the coveted Mr. Olympia stage. This was an incredible accomplishment, as many IFBB Pros take years to step on that stage, if they do ever. After competing again at the IFBB Vancouver Pro in 2016, Eren made the decision to take a break from the rigorous demands of contest preparation. With his recent debut onstage again over this last weekend at the NY Pro Show 2019, we are excited to see Eren actively competing again. He will be doing the Toronto Pro Super Show next weekend, June 1st– 2nd. We’re looking forward to seeing what package Eren will be bringing to the stage this year now that he has Allmax behind him to support his athletic career.


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