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Dennis Wolf Returns!

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IFBB Pro Dennis "Big Bad" Wolf has announced his return to competition and he will compete at the 2018 Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio! Dennis Wolf has been away from competition since 2015 when he competed in the EVL Pro in Prague and the Olympia. 

Dennis Wolf Injury

In 2016, Dennis was feeling sharp pains in his body but couldn’t pin point what it was. He decided to get an MRI scan done and it showed the he had numerous fragments of his spine broken off!  He has since had surgey on his neck and has been healing for his return to the stage ever since. At his prime, Dennis dominated the stage with his incredible width and small waist and few could match his v-taper. After this much time off and a neck surgery, we don't think he will be at his all-time best again, but we still can't wait to see him back on the Arnold Stage.