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Demi Bagby Joins Team Cellucor

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It was recently announced that Demi Bagby has joined Team Cellucor. Demi is a teen athlete from San Diego who believes in spreading a positive message around the world to inspire others to live up to their full potential. In 2019, she was nominated for a Shorty Award in the category of Best Health & Wellness Influencer. This is more than just a notable mention of an award, as this nomination is very prestigious.

Demi broke her back in a cheerleading accident at a young age. Rather than letting this stop her, after a few months of recovery and rehabilitation, she came back strong with a new determination to live every day to its fullest, as she continues to do to this very day.

Demi is far from just a one-trick pony, with passions for sports and activities including parkour, cheer, gymnastics, ninja warrior, surfing, dancing, bodybuilding, acrobatics, tactical training and more.

“Demi loves travelling, sharing footage of her crazy adventure and workout routines with her followers via photo and video content alike, with vlogs a personal favourite.” - Cellucor Press Release

When you think of what makes a Cellucor athlete, we feel Demi will be a great fit for the brand and Cellucor will be a perfect fit for her. A Cellucor athlete has an undeniable edge and the X-factor that is hard to describe, as to what makes them such a great leader, but you just know it’s there.

“At the highest level, a Cellucor athlete is both aspirational and authentic, combining their extreme athleticism with a desire to help others unlock their own potential. Cellucor athletes are natural-born leaders whose purpose is to set the bar and continue to push themselves and others higher.” - Cellucor 

Cellucor is an award-winning, safe and effective supplement brand known for its premier weight-loss and sports nutrition product offerings. Visit the Cellucor website or connect with the company on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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Some images courtesy of Instagram and Cellucor.