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Dave Palumbo Has Thyroid Cancer

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After retiring from competitive bodybuilding, Dave Palumbo has gone on to write for Muscular Development, later taking on the role of Editor, then moving on to become the CEO and founder of RxMuscle. Dave has become known as one of the leading authorities on there is to know about the fitness and bodybuilding community. Earlier this month, Dave announced that he found a nodule on his thyroid gland that doctors found to be very suspicious. He would need to have a needle biopsy performed on it to confirm whether it was cancerous. One major challenge with that, as he was having a difficult time getting in to see an endocrinologist to perform the biopsy in his area. After reaching out to an old friend from growing up who happens to be an endocrinologist, he was able to have the biopsy performed. It would then be about a week to get the results back.

Dave did call the doctor to follow up, once the results from the needle biopsy were to be ready. Palumbo did reveal that he has in fact been diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer. This was not the kind of news anyone wants to hear, especially not on your own birthday.



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“I called (the doctor) up, and he said ‘It came back as papillary cancer,'” Palumbo explained. “If you’re going to get a thyroid cancer, that’s the one you want. It’s very treatable. Obviously, I have a very small nodule. They were actually very surprised at the lab that it was the size that it was. It was only 10 millimeters… usually they don’t catch them. I caught it very early. It seems to be located to one lobe. My lymph nodes don’t seem to be involved… So that’s good news,”



Dave has been referred to a specialist to have the one affected lobe removed. He does have many modalities to take care of self-medication, which he has used to help many people dealing with similar diagnoses. We wish Dave a speedy recovery and will be watching along as he documents the process ahead.

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Lead Image Source: RX Muscle YouTube