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Cody Montgomery Switching to Men's Open Bodybuilding

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By Loan Cat

Cody Montgomery at a young age of 14, told his two engineering parents that one day, he’ll get paid to workout. Ten years later, he’s proven to accomplish that, but now he’s looking for a long term goal.

This bright 24 years-old has more drive than ever as a young father. After an interview with his idol, four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler, where he was told, “you’re not classic” has him changing his game plan.

At 20 years-old, Cody was a strong 220 pounds, so cutting weight at 24 years-old to fit the 212 at the Arnold’s Classic was difficult. Cody’s goal now is to chase his best physique, and not chase any weight class or chase any numbers. 

Cody Montgomery has announced that he’s switching to the Men’s Open moving forward.


“Teen Sensation” Cody has had an impressive career thus far. We look forward to seeing Cody grow and compete again in the future.

2010 NPC Europa Dallas – 1st place Teen
2011 NPC Ronnie Coleman Classic – 1st place Teen & 1st place Men’s Middleweight
2012 NPC Teen Nationals – 1st place Light-Heavy Weight, Overall
2013 NPC Teen Nationals – 1st place Light-Heavy Weight, Overall
2014 NPC Teen & Collegiate Nationals – 1st place Teen Heavy weight, Teen Overall, 1st place Collegiate Heavy Weight, Collegiate Overall
2015 NPC USA Championships – 1st place heavyweight(earned IFBB Pro League Status) & Overall (Mr USA)
2016 IFBB Arnold Classic (Ohio) – 10th place
2016 IFBB Arnold Classic Australia – 7th place
2018 IFBB Toronto Pro – 2nd place
2018 IFBB Dallas Europa – 12th place

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