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Chris Cormier Teams Up with Big Ramy for the Olympia

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Chris Cormier, the newest Pro trainer to join the Camel Crew (that is, the group of trainers and athletes who work out of Bader Boodai's Oxygen Gym in Kuwait), just announced that he will be the one training Big Ramy for the 2017 Mr. Olympia show.

"I wanted to train him a long time ago, even before I came to Oxygen gym. I thought he had a couple of holes in his physique that would come back every time he competed. That’s something I was talking about before I got here. But as I got to talking abut Bader, after a long time waiting… I just kind of came here and started running camps… Then I got to know the guys more. I got called up to the Majors, and Bader asked me to team up and take care of Ramy’s training and posing as he gets ready for the Olympia."

Chris is confident in his abilities, and with the team helping to back him up. Bader Boodai is doing his nutrition; this is interesting because Ramy has gone from Dennis James to Chris Aceto, to George Farah, and back to Chris Aceto. He clearly switches trainers a lot. Chris’ philosophy is that despite all the Gurus he’s been through, he has been working with Bader throughout his entire career, and has never placed lower than 1st. Dennis came on board because Ramy was looking for someone to take him to another level, so Bader stepped back. Chris is working on “the mindset of a champion” helping him get to the Olympia level psychologically, not just physically. Chris and Bader are confident that they can bring a Sandow back for the Camel Crew. The most interesting part is WHY Ramy would leave someone as famous and accomplished as Chris Aceto, for an unknown quantity like Bader. That's not to say Bader isn't great at what he does, but Aceto has made and worked with hundreds of IFBB Pros - his resume speaks for itse;f. 

"I think it's time that he just do something else. He's been trying so many differnet things, and now it's just time for him to do something else."

Regardless of how or why, or what the internet trolls say, this could be the start of something unique and amazing, so we're just excited to see how it plays out between now and September! Stay tuned!

All images courtesy of Instagram