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Chris Bumstead Tears Hamstring

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This has really been a year of overcoming obstacles for Chris Bumstead, as he continues his prep for the 2019 Mr. Olympia competition. Earlier this year, we reported on Chris having to have a hernia operation, from which he seems to have recovered very well and he's been making tremendous gains throughout this prep.

Just today, Chris posted to his YouTube channel that he tore his hamstring less than four weeks out from the Olympia. It turns out this happened over one week ago while doing straight-legged deadlifts. While pulling the bar up on his fifth set, not using heavy weight (although we’re sure most of us would disagree with his idea of light weight), he heard the dreaded “pop” that every bodybuilder fears. The pain shot up his leg, and he was sure immediately that he had torn his hamstring.

For the first few days, it was really sore, but there was no bruising. Upon his latest update, though, he shows us in his video that bruising has appeared at the bottom of the hamstrings behind his right knee. After having work done by his chiropractor and massage therapist, it turns out his hips were out of alignment, causing more tension on the right muscles compared to the left.

Seeing as we’re less than four weeks out from Olympia, Chris feels he will have to work through the injury, while being very cautious of causing further damage. He’ll work on very light, high-rep hamstring curls, and fortunately he’s still able to ride the bike for cardio without pain. Looking at his recent Instagram post, giving us a quick peek at his current conditioning, it looks like Chris is definitely still on track.

All of us here at Muscle Insider wish Chris a speedy recover and look forward to seeing the physique he will bring to the stage this year!

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