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Cedric McMillan Dies

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We just got word that IFBB Pro and Arnold Classic Champion Cedric McMillan has died at age 44. According to Nick's Strength & Power, this is rumored to have been cuased by heart fauilure. We're not sure of all the details and haven't seen the autopsy report but this has shaken the bodybuilding world overnight as Cedric was loved by thousands of fans around the world. We knew Cedric was facing health concerns over the last few years which the media reported on (which Cedric took great offense to) but none of us in the industry knew the severity of these health issues until now. At the end of 2021, he had heart problems and was put on life support. He then pulled out of the 2022 Arnold Classic. Cedric was a very colorful character with a great sense of humor but also had incredible genetics that could have been one of the best bodybuilders of the last decade. In fact, when Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler was endorsing MuscleTech supplements with Cedric he said that Cedric McMillan could win the Mr.Olympia title with the right guidance. We don't have further details on the death of Cedric McMillan but our thoughts are with his family friends and fans. We will update this post as more information becomes available. To keep up with the latest fitness industry news and product releases, subscribe to our free newsletter HERE!