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Canadians Qualified For The 2020 Olympia

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The last of the IFBB Pro League shows qualifying competitors for the 2020 Olympia ended last weekend with the Chicago Pro, Asia Grand Prix and the Sacramento Pro. With that in mind, our esteemed event photographer and industry stats guru, Simon Lau, has put together this year’s Canadians Qualified for the Olympia List. Here's Simon’s unofficial list of Canadians who qualified for this December's Olympia:

Mr Olympia:

  • Antoine Vaillant
  • Iain Valliere
  • Regan Grimes

Classic Physique Olympia:

  • Chris Bumstead

Men's Physique Olympia:

  • Bhuwan Chauhan

Ms Olympia:

  • Nicki Chartrand
  • Janeen Lankowski

Fitness Olympia:

  • Ryall Graber
  • Missy Farrell
  • Allison Ethier
  • Terra Plum

Figure Olympia:

  • Asmaa Salimi
  • Martina Yabekova
  • Maryam Bamdad

Bikini Olympia:

  • Lauralie Chapados
  • Maia Gordon
  • Jennifer Dorie
  • Beatriz Biscaia

Women's Physique Olympia:

  • Victoria Myslik
  • Ifbb Pro Tanya Chartrand

Not all of these competitors are listed as Canadians on the IFBBPro.com website, and not all of these athletes will end up competing at the Olympia. But even qualifying is a significant achievement to be recognized.

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