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Canadian Bodybuilder Gord Walker Passes Away Unexpectedly

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I first met Gord Walker in London, Ontario at a local bodybuilding show. I could remember him coming up to me and asking me what I thought about the recent class that was just on stage. He would go through and analyze each competitor on why they placed where, and would always say how they all looked amazing on-stage. Gord absolutely loved bodybuilding and everything that came along with it.

Gord had this charisma about him that many people admired, he was also very well respected among the bodybuilding community. He was known for his work ethic, passion, therapy techniques and always was that guy who would come up to you in the gym and just ask how you were, and you could tell he generally cared about your answer.

The bodybuilding community is at a great loss with the passing of Gord. He had helped many young and old athletes stay in shape, and was always fine tuning their bodies with his injury prevention techniques as he was the owner of his company A.M.P Treatment Center. His work wasn’t work, it was his passion and you could clearly see that with everything he did regarding massage therapy.

As I scroll through my social media platforms I can see numerous posts about Gord. They all say the same thing… “How can someone so amazing, be taken from us so soon”. I came across some posts that really hit home when reading them.

“With great sadness in our hearts I must write of the passing of our friend Gord Walker. Everyone who knew Gord knew of his profound love and passion for the physique sport. Whether it was dieting advice, health supplementation guidance or therapy techniques, Gord was a wealth of knowledge and always willing to give this knowledge freely. The bodybuilding community, friends and family are at a great loss today. Our hearts go out to Gord’s fiancé, Victoria Myslik, who we hold in our thoughts and prayers. Rest in peace…you will be deeply missed Gord” – Dan & Michelle Kennedy (Picture Below)

“The world lost a rare and special soul today, and it is a terrible thing. My life changed forever from the first day I met him and I have never looked back since. Any of you that knew him know he was as rare and genuine as they come. He did so much for me in our time together but most of all he always, ALWAYS made me feel loved. RIP Gord Walker, I love you more than words could ever express, you will forever be in my heart and and the hearts of so many.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me and our family, it is greatly appreciate and welcomed.” – Fiancé IFBB Victoria Myslik (Picture Below)

In 2013 Gord Walker took the overall bodybuilding title at the OPA London Championships.

Gord Walker was a real champion and friend in the eyes of many. Our thoughts are with Gords family and friends during this difficult time. Gord Walker was just 47 years of age.

Gord was a true and loyal friend and I will miss him dearly.

By: David Otterbein