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Can William Bonac Win The Olympia?

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From where we stand, absolutely! Much of the talk around the Mr. Olympia contest has been around the comeback of Phil Heath and naturally the current champion Brandon Curry. Both have a lot to prove and both can legitimately win. But what about William Bonac? He is the current Arnold 2020 champion and the 2019 Mr. Olympia runner up. His physique has consistently improved over his competitive career and is a constant threat in taking the top spot. In a recent Youtube interview at 8 weeks out, Bonac puts his hat in the ring and makes it clear he is going to the Olympia to win. He also acknowledges that it won’t be easy and respects the both Heath and current champ Curry's ability to win as well, but in the end, if he stays in his lane and doesn’t stress, he will win.

“Brandon is Mr. O and he wants to keep his title. He wants to shut up the critics as well so he will do anything to keep his title and I know that. But with me, I know if I’m calm and I don’t stress and I just keep on doing my thing every day I’ll be good. That’s my strongest point. Just stay calm. Even with Phil coming, I believe I can win this Mr. O.”

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