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Bumstead, Valliere Tie the Knot

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Typically nothing brings together more bodybuilding celebrities than an all-you-can-eat buffet, but on Nov. 17 Canadians Melissa Bumstead and Iain Valliere tied the knot in Ottawa. The 27-year-old newlyweds posted very simple messages on their Instagram accounts.


For me, love is you. It’s us.

A post shared by Melissa Valliere (@melissabum) on

Melissa wrote, “For me, love is you. It’s us.” Iain needed even fewer words. “Best day of my life.”

Iain, who placed 14that September’s Mr. Olympia contest in Las Vegas, joins a family that’s already loaded with great genetics. The statuesque Melissa placed in the two previous years’ Figure Olympia, while younger brother Chris, 23, is the two-time Classic Physique runner-up. 

The day after the celebration in Canada’s capital, Melissa told her IG fans: “Still floating amongst the clouds. To every single person who made this wedding as beautiful as it was, we love you so. I don’t think Iain and I have ever felt so blessed. And to everyone who made me feel like an angel yesterday (you all know who you are) thank you. I imagine I’ll be flying high for the rest of my life because yesterday I married my true north.”

Muscle Insider wishes our fellow Canadians all the best in their new lives together.


*Images courtesy of Instagram