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Branch Warren Set for Shoulder Surgery

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Although Branch “The Texas Titan” Warren is officially retired, it hasn’t stopped him from continuing to train hard while getting his new beef-jerky business up and running. But when you work out as hard as Warren, sometimes an injury can occur. Warren spoke about his recent surgery on his shoulder, in which he states, “If you don’t take care of an injury over time, it gets worse and worse.”  He continues on to state that about a month ago, he tore the long head of his biceps tendon that attaches to the same shoulder. He states, “When they were scoping my shoulder, they also went in and fixed my biceps tendon.” He adds the rehabilitation process is a lengthy one. Warren is optimistic about the situation and doesn't anticipate any hindrance in the future once he's back training again in the gym,. If you've seen how heavy he's trained over his career and the type of form he used to build his freaky mass, we're actually surprised he didn't need shoulder surgery much sooner! Warren pushed his body to the max during his career, which is often what separates the champions from the also rans. We wish him a speedy recovery!