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Brad Rowe Hospitalized

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It’s been a rough week for Brad Rowe, as an intestinal obstruction forced him to the ER Thursday morning. Medical staff inserted a tube in Brad’s nose through to his stomach, to suction out in hopes of releasing the blockage.

“I may need surgery if it doesn’t, or the surgeon feels there is a mechanical issue which caused the first obstruction last Thursday then this one that started to form yesterday.” Rowe explains, “I'm here till late Friday night minimum they told me.”

Rowe is also known as “The Electrician”, has his clients use the Neubie as a part of their training programs. It was just a short time ago that we brought news of Brad rupturing his quad tendon completely off the bone while playing basketball. This past Monday, Rowe was in for an MRI on his knee and there is an area that isn't healing efficiently. It was discovered that a nerve is causing sharp shooting pain in the same area. Rowe is hopeful that after seeing a nerve specialist to freeze the nerve, there will be fewer inflammatory responses and allow the tissue to heal properly. If that’s not the case, Brad may need to go under the knife to clean out some of the unhealthy tissue.

Brad took to social media to provide an update on his condition. “Add onto all that a few personal and professional roadblocks/challenges and it's been an extremely trying week. But just keep my head down and take it moment by moment and I'll get through it all like I always do and learn some things in the process. I truly appreciate everyone that has reached out. Sorry if I'm not getting back to everyone but the messages are seen and appreciated!”

We’ll be keeping Brad in our thoughts and prayers and want to wish him a speedy and full recovery.

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