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Bodybuilding Legend Shawn Ray Releases New Book

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Looking for the ultimate physique? Bodybuilding legend Shawn Ray has the keys to how in his newly released e-book “The Shawn Ray Way”

Not only did Shawn Ray bring to the pro stage one of the most conditioned and competitive physiques, but also maintained a photo ready shape year-round. This led him to becoming a photographer’s favorite and one of the most published bodybuilding cover athletes of all time. This was in the days before the Gurus, fancy supplements, and macro tracking…The Golden Era of Bodybuilding!

Shawn Ray has followed this training protocol since his early teenage years and throughout his professional career. His straightforward and fool-proof protocols are easily followed by ANYONE, and you can learn how to have a fitness program that leads to long term results from Shawn’s new book!

When asked why he came out with this new e-book, he replied:

“I came out with this New E-Book in order to provide the Masses with Answers to the numerous Questions I receive on a daily & global basis all in one place. So many similar questions on Training, Nutrition, Dieting and Competition that it created a Supply & Demand situation. The E-Book is a hassle free easy download you can take anywhere and read anytime for your convenience.”

The book focus’ on:

  • Quick, yet comprehensive guide on Shawn Ray’s competition and off-season programming, during the peak of his bodybuilding career.
  • 2 complete workout programs, allowing you to level up your progressions.
  • Pre-Contest and Off-Season Cardio programming that Shawn followed to cut maximum fat for every Olympia.
  • Exactly what foods that Shawn made sure to eat, along with a walkthrough of his meal timing/carb cycling, in order to get maximum muscle fullness while minimizing bodyfat.
  • Key Mindset throughout his Pro career that will help you weather all doubt and strengthen your consistency.

Shawn tells us:

“The readers can enjoy the fact that my years in the sport and personal experience is all I have left to share since there’s no more focus on me competing or posing again. I’ve taken time to work with some of the best athletes and experiment with years of various programs to now give back decades of information to the next generation of future athletes training for fun or to be the world’s best! Giving back is the reward for years of sacrifice and suffering for my own personal gain. All you need to know is here and available from my 1st hand experience.”


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